Anna's Story - Austria

"Sometimes I did not take the break because there was too much to do"

Anna Maria, 23, Austria

Anna Maria has completed her internship in the retail trade. During the practical training in a chain store, there was a theft valued at € 5,000 in the store and Anna and another colleague were dismissed.

She loved her job. It was good training and she learned many things, despite the difficult working hours. During the Christmas period for example, (from early December until January 6) nobody was allowed to leave. The December 24 and December 31, EVERYONE should be at the store until it closed. Only the official public holidays were days off.

During the trial period, Anna worked 40 hours a week plus overtime * (* during the trial period, this is actually illegal). At the end of trial period, she earned approximately € 1,000 per month. Her working hours were divided into different shifts throughout the day. She began very early in the morning and worked until very late at night. She was always the last to leave. The split shift (the pause) during the day was too short to go home. "Sometimes I did not take the break because there was too much to do"

Unemployment has placed Anna in a very difficult financial situation. She paid her rent late because she received only 450 € for unemployment benefits. (It was less than half of her previous income.) After a few months, Anna was forced to return to live with her mother. The rent she was paying was divided among five tenants and amounted to € 400 per month, so the unemployment benefits did not permit her to continue to share the apartment.

Anna seeks employment in the field of gastronomy or as a clerk. In fact, for now, she is ready to work anywhere, even as a cleaner. She just wants to do something.

Anna is also willing to work outside of Vienna. She wants her old job back because she felt very good there. She has already found a job as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant, but only 10 hours per week.

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